Momo Masala

Momo Masala offers the best, freshest and most authentic Indian and Tibetan dishes you'll find in the Bay Area! Our portions are huge, our spice is truly spicy and our recipes replicate the home-cooked meals our family has been cooking in Tibet and India for decades. On our extensive menu you'll discover old favorites as well as some dishes rarely seen outside of the Himalayan region. From traditional Indian breads and curries to Nepalese dumplings and Himalayan noodles, you'll find plenty at Momo Masala to satisfy your hunger.

Our restaurant is named after two regional specialties. "Momo" is Tibetan for dumplings, which are a national favorite -- practically an obsession. You might be familiar with momos' cousins: the Chinese pot-sticker or dumpling and the Japanese gyoza. Momo are similarly delicious, bite-sized snacks or appetizers with a Himalayan flair. Here at Momo you'll enjoy all the momo your heart desires: hot, steaming and packed with flavors like ginger, garlic, and cilantro.

More About Us!

Devotees of traditional Indian curries and naan will find that Momo Masala's dishes can't be topped. Our Chicken Tikka is a favorite, as is our selection of naan and biriyani. Those who are satisfied with nothing less than authentically hot spiciness can request it, and Momo Masala is happy to give you our best! But we can do it mild if you prefer.

Momo Masala takes pride in pleasing those who are new to our cuisine as well as those who grew up tasting our unique flavors at home. Come to our lunch buffet for huge portions and a midday taste experience. We offer free chai -- Indian milky spiced tea -- with every meal, and our mango lassi makes the perfect cooling dessert. Come to Momo Masala and have a meal you won't soon forget!